Friday, June 11, 2010


Do you have that drama essence? Can you make people stop and stare when you enter the room? Are you captivating? Does that matter at all? Why do you dress up? Why do you even care of your hair tone and your make-up? Do you pay attention to style? Are you a fashion addict? A beauty maniac? A stylorexic?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Must love Sam Jones

I cannot stop obsessing about Ms Samantha Jones. It is not her sexual life that hunts me but her style. Colorful, bold, show-stopping style. Of all four characters in the series/movies, her style is the one I love most. I can't wait to see new clothing perfections Pat Fields chose for Sam in SATC2. If only I would own her clothes and her attitude, cause those clothes without that attitude wouldn't make any impression at all.
Sometimes I really wonder, what is it so captivating in Samantha. Her hair is always perfect, her face, mature but beautiful, she is always so polished but so rebellious at the same time. Ok, she's 50 but that doesn't mean she's gonna hide behind some classic, ladylike black pieces. She's out there to the fullest. Gotta admire that.
Sure, it's easy to do so in a movie. Anything is possible in a movie. But is there a woman like Samantha in real life? And here again I'm not reffering to her sexuality. I don't see many women her age pulling it off so colorful and bold. Still, I hope in a few decades when I reach that time of life, I'll be as gorgeous as she is.
PS i'm considering starting a Samantha Jones blog instead of this one... any thought on that?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

i am someone in fashion

there are so many famous faces in fashion and so many new emerge each year... you'd say these girls have some fierce competition. but isn't that the situation just about everywhere??? in the blogosphere as well. there are numerous fashion blogs claiming for their piece of cake, attention and readers. do we really spend that much time online, at the computer, focused on the aesthetics? aparently we do. otherwise there wouldn't be that many bloggers for instance. it is interesting, the direction the world is heading to... change is truly inevitable